The 10 Best Movies

1. Jurassic Park

No brainer that this is pure genius, right? If you disagree, it’s unlikely we can be friends. I don’t know what it is, but this movie never, ever, ever gets old. It’s my go-to chill day movie because I’ve seen it 1800 times. (And that doesn’t count how many times I’ve put it on to fall asleep to.) I laugh at Jeff Goldblum’s antics every. time.

2. Pride & Prejudice

I’m not a huge fan of chick flicks, generally. I’d like to think this is an intelligent chick flick. ;) Jane Austen brilliance merged with the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard…it’s just a winner. Excellent acting, cinematography, and story. And I think it’s obvious the world could use a little more Mr. Darcy.

3. Skyfall

Daniel Craig as James Bond. I don’t even think I need to explain myself, but I will add that the acting, story, scenery, and adventures are fab. Creepiest villain ever award goes to this film, as well as best male wardrobe award.

4. While You Were Sleeping

Alright, this can be considered a chick flick, but it’s an old one that doesn’t make me want to puke from cheese and immorality. Who would’ve ever thought to pair Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman!? Hats off to the casting director, because it’s magic. It’s a hysterical movie that moves me every time I watch it.

5. Count of Monte Cristo

I know. It’s not the same as the book, but you know what? It’s way better. I find a little too much joy from revenge movies, but there’s a wonderful Christian element running through the whole movie that makes me feel better. ;) It’s good stuff.

6. Ocean’s 11

Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and wildly hilarious and clever adventure. That is all.

7. Avengers

I love every single minute of this movie. Every single person does a great job in it (except Robin from HIMYM…sorry, I think she’s terrible). Tom Hiddleston is the most likable villain of all time, and you just can’t go wrong when a bunch of good-looking actors save the world.

8. Homeward Bound

If you watch the ending where Shadow runs across the field to Peter and don’t weep like a baby, then I think it’s clear I can’t trust you. I don’t even mind that there’s a cat in this movie because she’s sassy. (See what I did there?) 

9. Iron Will

So few people respond with “yes” when I ask if they’ve seen this movie. It is GOLD. Sled dog adventure meets underdog. The beginning is sad, but most beginnings of underdog victory movies are. It is an inspiring film that you should watch in warm pajamas and a blanket because you’ll get cold just seeing the frozen tundra.

10. The Fugitive

Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors, and sometimes I stare at the screen with my jaw to the floor at how good he is. This movie is sad, chilling, and stressful. Truthfully, it doesn’t fit the mold to most of my favorite movies because it has so much conflict, but IT IS SO GOOD. Tommy Lee Jones is brilliant in it too.

(And just FYI, Santa Clause & Elf would totally make this favorite list too, but weren’t included because they’re technically seasonal movies. A case could be made for Independence Day as well. And you should also know that Finding Nemo is my favorite animated movie.)

What are your favorite movies?? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Happy Friday loves! Also – send up a prayer for Jackers if you think of it today. He has some weird scabby spots in one of his ears, and we’ll be making a trip to the vet this afternoon. On second thought, send the prayer up for us. ;)




3 thoughts on “The 10 Best Movies

  1. As a HUGE movie fan I have to say if you want to explore anything like Pride and Prejudice check out Sense and Sensibility, by far my favorite! Emma is another good one. Now some others I’ll mention Valkyrie, Knight and Day ( this is a MUST!)Robin Hood, Gladiator, The Next Three Days ( we are BIG Russel Crowe fans :) Defiance ( another MUST), Return to Me, The Vow, Taken, The Last Samurai, Eagle Eye, The Prestige ( I love almost anything that Christian Bale is in :) The Four Feathers, The Sherlock Holmes movies, Life As We Know It, The Story of Us, PS I Love You, This Means War, The Italian Job, The Lincoln Lawyer, Flags of Our Fathers, We Were Soldiers, The Holiday, and then there are many more… :)

  2. Fair warning: this may be a long comment. :) First of all, I love movie lists. Top 10, top 100, whatever. Your list is great! I’m very impressed! Great choices. I have to comment on your list. In regards to your order:
    1. Love Jurassic Park. Excellent choice. I actually won movie tickets to see this from a radio station haha. So it’s extra special. Didn’t care for the third one that much though.
    2. I have not seen Pride & Prejudice, but one of the movies in my list references the book. I’ll get to that in a minute.
    3. Skyfall is my favorite Bond film. I’m a big soundtrack fan. In fact, I’m listening to the soundtrack for it as I’m typing this. This is also in my list. :)
    4. WYWS is good. Another one similar to this is Sleepless in Seattle. Lisa and I consider it one of our faves.
    5. Count of Monte Cristo is also good. I really like Jim Caviezel. Do you watch Person of Interest? You should. It’s our favorite TV show that’s on these days. Another similar film would be Shawshank Redemption. Excellent excellent movie. (I don’t know if I can keep my list to 10!)
    6. Ocean’s 11 is SO good! It’s just fun. Love caper flicks like these. Ocean’s 12? eh. 13? a little better. I AM looking forward to seeing Monuments Men. It’s like Ocean’s 11 takes on the Nazi’s!
    7. I love ALL the marvel movies that led up to and include the Avengers. Iron Man is my favorite, but Avengers is like watching an All Star game. So good.
    8. I have not seen Homeward Bound in a very very long time. Yes, the ending made me weep. :)
    9. I, too, have not seen Iron Will. I’ll try to see it! Another sad beginning/underdog movie that we like is The Man From Snowy River. Lisa LOVES it. It would probably be her #1.
    10. Love love love The Fugitive. I’ve seen it countless times. Great movie all around.

    Ok here’s my top 10: (this is subject to change, if I think of another one. this was off the top of my head :) )
    1. Lord of the Rings.
    The whole trilogy. My favorite part is when Sam (favorite character of all time) carries Frodo up the mountain and says “I can’t carry it for you, but I CAN carry you!” That gets me every time. Lisa makes fun of me. :)

    2. Star Wars. (Original)
    Just because I’m a sci-fi fan. I mean come on. Can’t wait for the new ones in 2015!

    3. Skyfall.
    Totally agree with you. Nuff said.

    4. Avengers.
    I know I said Iron Man was my favorite, but this kindof culminates the whole saga. haha.

    5. You’ve Got Mail.
    This is my one “chick flick.” Lisa and I have watched this movie over and over again. I’m a big Tom Hanks fan, she loves Meg Ryan. It all works out. Plus, this is the movie that references Pride & Prejudice. :)

    6. Crimson Tide.
    I’m a big fan of submarine movies. Big Gene Hackman fan. Hunt for Red October is also great. U-571 too.

    7. The Negotiator.
    Great movie. Kevin Spacey is awesome in this movie.

    8. Cast Away.
    It seems that people either love or hate this movie. I love it. Like I said, I’m a Tom Hanks fan. Wilson!!!

    9. A Few Good Men.
    This could be ranked as high as #2 on my list, but today it fell to #9. This movie is good. It has great lines. I wouldn’t know where to start. So good.

    10. Ocean’s 11.
    I’ve already commented on this one. Your list may have influence mine a bit. But these are definitely some of my favorites.

    Honorable Mention:
    Star Trek (the new ones), Pirates of the Caribbean, Hunt for Red October, The Dark Knight, Shawshank, In the Line of Fire, Jurassic Park, The Untouchables, The Natural, Rudy, Sneakers. I haven’t even thought of comedies: Tommy Boy, Fletch, Ace Ventura, Dumb & Dumber.

    Another Seasonal movie I like is Groundhog Day. :)
    My favorite animated movie is Toy Story.

    Thanks for the list! Praying for Jack! (and ya’ll)

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