Countdown Time

I have issues with planning ahead. I’m pretty sure most of you have picked up on this. Let’s just say that after Christmas is over, I’m over winter. I love a good snow day and some down time, but I am itching for warm weather and green grass like nobody’s business. Spring just feels so much happier.

Countdowns help me remember the good that is coming. ;)

7(ish) DAYS until I can tell you a secret. Or reveal a secret, I guess, because it won’t be one once I tell you all. (Nope. Not preggers.)

24 DAYS until my 24th birthday. I am now accepting suggestions for fun things to do the day of, because I have a Saturday birthday this year (HOORAY). I’m also now accepting cookie cakes.

60 DAYS until Andrew’s 25th birthday!! I think I’m more excited about his than mine this year. 25 is really old, so I’m going to throw him a big party to ease the pain. ;)

90 DAYS until our 3rd anniversary. CAN YOU EVEN believe that I have been married to that attractive man for almost 3 years? God is good. I’m a little freaked out by how fast time is flying.

156 DAYS until Jack Sparrow turns 2 years old. Did I mention time is flying fast?

203 DAYS until the Oklahoma State Fair and the legendary curly fries return. I know this is an absurd thing to count down to, but we are really excited, mmk?

What are you counting down to?

I’ll give winter this: it is prime time for snuggles.




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