The New

Change can be good. We are embracing “the new” around here.

-Andrew is really enjoying his new job so far, including his free once-a-month Hideaway pizza. (I’m thinking of applying for a job there now.) Doesn’t he look cute in his casual Friday garb? ;) Haha.


-Jack now has his own Instagram because I’m a hopeless dog person. You can follow him here.


-We took advantage of the super brief warm weather last weekend by taking new pictures. 





I am so thankful these boys are so attractive. Makes my job easier. ;) 


-I’m about to embark on new adventures when I turn 24 in less than two weeks! I’ll be posting a new bucket list for year 24 later this week.

-We rearranged some furniture, FINALLY moved Jack’s crate out of our bedroom, and replaced it with an end table like normal people put beside their beds. We’re gonna try to transition Jack into sleeping on the floor and buy him a bed when he promises not to eat it. (The score so far is Jack: 3 – Plush Beds: 0) We had a pretty productive snow day yesterday, and I hope to do some updated house pictures in the near future!

I am looking forward to new warm weather, new shoots coming up, and new adventures. :)

Happy Monday! Stay warm!



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