Adventures in the States

I recently saw this pin on Pinterest and loved the idea of keeping track of how many states you’ve visited. However, I couldn’t justify buying a giant map to keep in my house, especially since most of my walls are already covered in pictures. So I improvised.

I decided to make it a binder…1) because I like binders and organization way too much, and 2) because it fits nicely on a shelf somewhere without being a giant, confusing distraction on the wall. I printed out a free map from here, and I three-hold punched it along with some plain copy paper to get started.

We decided to only count the states Andrew & I both have been to together, and they only count if we have photo evidence. (For example – we’ve been to Kansas, New Mexico, and a few others on drives to various places, but we don’t have pictures since they weren’t our main destination. When we visit them again, we’ll do something worthy of a picture, and then they’ll count. Haha.) Using 3×3 prints, I used a couple of my favorite snapshots from each state and attached them to different “state” pages with washi tape. I printed out a quick travel quote typed up in Photoshop for the front of the binder. Wal-Mart had little star stickers that were small and easy enough to mark which states we’ve visited.






I think it’ll be a fun project to continue when we have kids some day. Obviously, we have a lot of traveling left to do. :) 




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