By the Time I’m 25

I just can’t bring myself to ever stop making lists. They are good for my planning soul.

I turn 24 this Saturday, and I’m dreadfully afraid of turning 25 next year. (I’m praying the Lord comes back first.) But if I have to face becoming a quarter of a century old, I’ll face it by checking fun things off my list.

This is my “By the Time I’m 25” list. I’ve added a tab to the top of this blog to keep track, and soon I’ll update you on the ending of the 23 While 23 list. But for now, enjoy these silly little goals and dreams that will hopefully be checked off this year. ;)

1. Go to Disney World one more time without kids. (I realize this is ridiculous. Judge away. I need to ride Space Mountain one more time.)

2. Intentionally sit and watch the sunrise.

3. Go to a national park. (I haven’t picked one yet…any suggestions?)

4. Write and send 10 handwritten letters. (Mail is so underrated.)

5. Read 5 new books. (Also taking suggestions for these!)

6. Have a spa day that includes a massage.

7. Go somewhere I’ve never been before.

8. Send 5 random gifts to brighten some days.

9. Pay for someone behind me in the drive-thru.

10. Have a sister day with Wormy. (I predict a day of making good food or possibly a short road trip.)

11. Start a travel fund for random vacations and little getaways.

12. Take Bradford out to lunch. (You may pick the place, brother, but I shall never try sushi.)

13. Have both sets of parents over for dinner.

14. Take Andrew on a surprise date.

15. See a movie from the Warren balcony.

16. Donate to an awesome organization or cause.

17. Have a best friend day with Kristi Belle.

18. Set up a styled shoot and take pictures with Andrew and Jack.

19. Leave encouraging sticky notes in random places one day.

20. Have an epic water balloon fight with friends.

21. Walk/run around Lake Hefner.

22. Dress up and go out for a fancy dinner.

23. Go to Remington Park with Andrew.

24. Play laser tag.

25. Take pictures to celebrate the horror excitement of turning 25.

Happy Wednesday! :)



One thought on “By the Time I’m 25

  1. Read “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan, “Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson and “Traveling Light” by Max Lucado! I also suggest “Orphan Justice” and “Orphanology” all of those books turned this “I hate reading” person into “I love these books” person :)

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