The End of 23

Tomorrow is my 24th birthday. The only reason I get excited for my birthday now is that I anticipate a sizable portion of carbs on that day. ;) I think that means I’m getting older. Turning 24 does not thrill me. Eating pizza does.

Now that you’ve seen my “By the Time I’m 25” list, let’s see how I did on the “23 While 23” list. I finished all but four of them, and I mostly blame unforeseen circumstances for those. ;)

1. Run a 5K. OCTOBER 2013 – Ran the “Faster than the Pastor” 5K (I’m so glad I got to do this! We had a blast.)

2. Go to Colorado. APRIL 2013 – Weekend trip to Colorado with the fam (Here and here and here and here)

3. Build up a down payment fund for a house. AUGUST 2013 – Purchased and moved into our first owned home! (We love this place!)

4. Volunteer. MARCH 2014 – City Rescue Mission 

5. Hit up the beach. NOVEMBER 2013 – Family vacation to Hawaii (I am missing it OH so much. Here and especially here.)

6. Stargaze. FEBRUARY 2014 

7. Dallas trip. Hit up IKEA! OCTOBER 2013 – Dallas Day Date with Andrew (I love pancakes.)

8. Randomly pay for someone’s dinner. JANUARY 2014

9. Go ice skating. JANUARY 2014 (Here.)

10. Throw a super cute summer party. JULY 2013 (Love these people.)

11. Take a spontaneous road trip. DECEMBER 2013 – New Year’s Eve – family road trip to Lambert’s (Good gosh, I would love a roll right now.)

12. Go on a picnic. NOVEMBER 2013 – Picnic at the zoo with Andrew

13. Go to Sea World. JUNE 2013 – San Antonio trip (Here.)

14. Best friend roadtrip. MARCH 2013 – Random road trip to Lambert’s with Kristi Belle (Love her. We love this place.)

15. Take Jackers hiking. (We never did this because Jack is still a giant baby – whining and forcing himself on laps – when it comes to car rides, and it would’ve been a trip. We plan to work on that now that it’s getting a bit warmer, so hopefully a hiking trip will happen by the summer!)

16. Have another best friends photo shoot. (Like this one.) MARCH 2014 (This is happening tonight! We’re going to be missing a couple members of the gang, but I’m sure we’ll be taking more pictures this summer.)

17. Save up for a fun vacation for our 3-year anniversary. (When Andrew unexpectedly got laid off last year, we decided money would better be spent on our mortgage, food, and water. ;) Haha. We still plan to do something fun for our 3-year anniversary…just nothing lavishly expensive.)

18. Go horseback-riding. MARCH 2013 – Mama took me horseback-riding for my bday

19. Make a midnight trip to IHOP and consume all the carbs I want. MAY 2013 – Anniversary celebration (This was the best.)

20. Go camping. (I’m pretty sad this didn’t happen, but I plan to make us go soon now that it’s warming up!)

21. Explore some place new. JUNE 2013 – Riverwalk in San Antonio // NOVEMBER 2013 – Island of Kauai

22. Play baseball. FEBRUARY 2014

23. Put $5 in a box every time I complete a task off this list and take Andrew out on a date with the money next year. (I started out doing this, but I’m pretty sure we raided the box when we were craving Ted’s one night. We have no regrets.)

It feels good to cross goals off my list, and I’m excited for the By the Time I’m 25 list. What are your goals this year?



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