DIY Spring Wreath

I’ve been in a constant state of attempting frugality lately. (We’re trying to save up before taxes come and take all of our money and our firstborn.) I really needed a wreath on our front door though, and I thought the first day of spring being yesterday was the perfect excuse to make one. :)


Thank you, Hobby Lobby, for being kind to women (and their husbands). 50% off of glorious things every week? 40% off with a coupon if it isn’t on sale? Yes. Have at thee.

The natural vine wreath was $5 originally, but $3 with a coupon. The flower stems were 50% off, totaling the three of them somewhere around $12. The wooden B was $2.50. SO this ended up costing around $18…not too shabby. (And yet, shabby chic. BAHA. Sorry, lame joke.)


I painted the wooden letter with some leftover grey paint and maneuvered it around in between the sticks until it was sturdy. I cut most of the giant, obnoxious stems off of the flowers and wedged them in between the sticks as well. 



And now it feels like spring. ;)


Happy Friday, loves!



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