A Letter to Young Girls

Enjoy being young. Get involved in youth group. Stay up all night one weekend with your friends watching movies and eating popcorn. Before you know it, you will be paying bills, going to sleep at 10:00, and people will start calling you an adult. You won’t have as much time (or money) for the mall, you won’t be able to eat french fries and not gain any weight, and you won’t be able to stay up all night because sleep will become your favorite thing in the world. Enjoy the younger days, and have fun! :)

Cherish your parents. You will miss them more than you can possibly imagine when you move out. Enjoy the seasons you have with them, and try not to make them too miserable. They love you.

Be kind to one another. Speak words of love and compassion to each other. Don’t let silly things make you bitter. Always be as nice as you can possibly be to everyone, no matter what anyone has done to you. God will reward your faithfulness.

Wear lots of clothes. You can be super cute while still covering yourself up appropriately. Don’t be stumbling blocks to your brothers in Christ. And think of your future husband when you dress. Would he be happy to know you dressed immodestly in front of any and everyone? You want to be noticed for your kindness, your personality, your humor, your intelligence. And beyond that – the kind of man you want will be the one who notices you because of your real beauty – not your poorly-dressed body.

You are beautiful. I don’t care if you have been called ugly, if you feel fat, or if you have never had a date in your life. You are beautiful, made in God’s image, and have talents and special joys that no one else has. Be confident in this, and tell others they are beautiful because of this too. Compliment and encourage each other. Kind words can do so much to build others up.

Don’t have sex before you’re married. Your willingness to wait and remain pure will be the greatest gift you can give to your husband. Don’t compromise, don’t put yourself in situations that you know will tempt you, and don’t forget that the years fly by fast. Your marriage will hopefully last a great deal longer than your courtship. You can wait. I promise it’s possible, and I promise it’s worth it. And if you’ve already crossed that line, rest in God’s grace, and do your best to never cross it again until you’re married.

Read your Bible. It’s good stuff. When your heart hurts, it will make you feel better. When you feel sad, hit up Psalms. Memorize scriptures, and the Lord will bring them to your mind when trials come.

Be polite and considerate to everyone. Strangers, friends, family…EVERYONE. You will be a beacon of light in a world of dark, impolite people. Always give people the benefit of the doubt, because you never know what they are going through. Try to make every person you come across have a better day because of you. Smile. Encourage.

Work hard. Study hard. Make good decisions.

Learn to love saving money. Learn to be thankful for what God has given you, and give what you can to others.

Learn to cook and bake yummy things. Giving people delicious food is practically a love language.

Eat chocolate-chip pancakes at least once a month. 

If you don’t know it already, learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” before you do anything else. 

Take pictures. You will forget precious memories if you don’t.

Pour as much love and Jesus as you can into other people.



5 thoughts on “A Letter to Young Girls

  1. I’m 14 and my parents have taught me to wait to have sex until marriage and I’m glad to see someone who thinks the same way, many people I know don’t. I’m glad I found a christian blog as well. This post was great, I love it! :)

  2. So good! I love this!

    I wish could have told my younger self that it’s okay to be proud of your beliefs. I was so nervous and unsure all the time. But I guess that’s part of being 16, right?

    I like your blog!

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