Easy Tricks to a Better Day

1. Eat breakfast.

It’s astonishing to me that I once thought breakfast was a waste of my time. I hardly ate breakfast in high school, and if I did, it was an instant breakfast drink that was gone in 30 seconds. I place so much value on my morning routine and breakfast now, and it truly is an essential start to a good day. I sit down with my beloved chocolate-chip pancake, and I start the day slow. ;) There is no rushing, no crazy, no stress for that simple 5 minutes of my morning. It is glorious. Follow up with some Jesus time, and your day is golden.

2. Run.

I know. Two years ago, I would have said running was a sure-fire way to have the worst day of your life, but hear me out. It’s exercise. It’s pumping those endorphins. It’s a way to feel healthy and accomplished. And if you start to do it weekly, you’ll be surprised how addicted you become to it. Even if you don’t run, go for a walk or track some calorie-burning on a treadmill. Play hyper music to get you through, and you will feel awesome when you’re done.

3. Have a nature retreat. 

This might just be a personality thing for me, but I’d like to assume it’s an all-around thing that people like. GO OUTSIDE. Read a book or take a nap in the park. Have a pizza picnic by yourself. It will give you some Vitamin D and put you in a good mood (especially if you have pizza). Smell some flowers, take a long walk, and de-stress. It works. I am on a computer for a good portion of the day for work, and it always feels like Heaven when I get a break to go outside and recharge. If you can’t go outside, put on some nature music and nap. Click here for an 8-hour video of relaxing nature sounds. But don’t nap for 8 hours.

4. Make as many people as possible happy.

Send some friendly text messages, or even better – send some happy mail. Spread some love and Jesus around, and I promise you’ll feel like the day is not a total waste. Go buy a random present for your significant other, or send flowers to someone who could use some happy. Get crafty and create something special for someone. Make other people’s days, and yours will be better.

5. Pamper yourself. 

Put on the Michael Buble station on Pandora and relax in a tub of bath salts. Bonus points if you light some candles and have some chocolate handy. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure or both. Finally test out that new makeup or tanning lotion or nail polish. You’ll never regret a good round of pampering. It just makes you feel better.

Happy Monday loves!


P.S. Jack says hi.



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