These Days

It’s been a while since I’ve been consistently posting two or three times a week, and I blame the winter. And for the past week of fewer posts, I blame taxes. ;) I’m working a bunch at job #1 and #2 to try to pay off that chunk as quickly as possible. *insert obnoxious comment about the government*

SO. Let’s play catch up again, shall we?

Things are getting greener – praise the Lord. Warmer weather should be headed our way. It’s still a bit fickle, but shoots are picking up, and soon wedding season will hit. I’m so thankful that I took less weddings this year, but I’m super excited for the weddings I do have because they’re going to be awesome. I’m also excited for more time to spend enjoying summer and planning adventures. :)

Andrew is still loving his new job! He really enjoys the people he works with and is starting to get the hang of everything. We are praising the Lord! It has been a tremendous blessing. Thank you all for the prayers.

2014 feels like it’s zooming pretty fast already. Here are some adventures that we wrapped up the last week or so. :)


We met these cuties at the zoo last weekend!


I bought Andrew that shirt because he needed it. I’m obsessed.


I just love little Pierce!



Cutie pies.


We introduced Gabby to Star Wars, and the boys went crazy.


Andrew & I dined at Cheesecake Factory and rejoiced over the bread.


I think this was my first time to try Chicken Teriyaki…at least in several years. It was a winner!


We feasted on our back porch when the weather was nice. :)



Jackers was a tad jealous.


These boys. They melt my heart.


Saturday I saw Captain America with my very own Captain America. ;)


And we napped like champs.

We have several more adventures planned for this month! I am hoping to get enough work in and still be able to keep up with blogging this month. Happy Monday, loves!



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