Smarties. When I was a tiny tot, I adored them. I would pass them out to my family members. Somehow I forgot about them for several years, but now I constantly have them in my house. 25 calories each. Yes.

Everybody Loves Raymond. We don’t have cable…it’s not worth it to me. I’m pretty sure we own 12% of the world’s DVDs, but TV is completely lost on me. So much filth in the world makes its home on television, and I just don’t want it in my house. However…I own every season of the show Everybody Loves Raymond, and I’m obsessed. If you have 23 minutes to spare, watch my favorite episode here. I love this show so much. It’s clean (90% of the time) and hilarious and relatable.

Animals. I needs them all. At the zoo, in the street, in my house…I love them. I’m so sad about the baby giraffe from our OKC zoo that didn’t make it through surgery. Guys…I teared up. That sounds ridiculous, but I was wearing a giraffe necklace on the day she died, and I couldn’t hold it in. Haha. I have an abnormal attachment to furry friends. Truthfully, I think they’re more likable than most people.

Reese’s. All things chocolate really. (Milk chocolate, of course. Dark chocolate does not belong in my home.) I can’t think of a better pair than chocolate and peanut butter. I keep a supply of miniature Reese’s in my home right next to the Smarties. See?


Jurassic Park. Obviously, right? I have to watch it monthly, if not weekly.

Running. Certainly an obsession that popped up in the last two years, running is now one of my favorite things. I crave it. It’s a brilliant therapy session. And it helps balance out my food obsessions.

Jack Sparrow. Surprised? I didn’t think so.


Pinterest. I send pins like these to my sister all day long.





Pizza. Let’s just say all delicious foods. But particularly alfredo pizza. ;)


Handsome Husband. This stud is less than a week away from turning 25!! I’m having a nervous breakdown for him. ;)


What are your obsessions? :) Happy Thursday!!




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