Weekend Adventures

Whew. Every spring, I am shocked at how quickly things pick up speed. This year is no different! May is going to be a crazy busy month.

This weekend was full of some fun adventures! We had a garage sale Saturday with this little house guest to keep us company.


We left the garage sale for a couple hours in sister and mom-in-law’s care to go party with this precious dude! I can’t even believe that sweet Pierce is already a year old.


Icing for the win.


Love these three!


Baby sister has been staying with us for the weekend while the parents are in California. Saturday night, the three of us headed to Shiki. :D



And we snuggled these babies because they are the cutest of cute. (The couch has no cushions because Alyssa has been sleeping on them since we have no guest bed. Haha.)


Andrew and I woke up at 4:30 in the morning yesterday to head downtown to fill and pass out water cups for the OKC Memorial Marathon! It was so fun to watch, even though it had a mildly frightening weather delay. We were impressed by every. single. runner. Such superstars!


When we told Jack about how far some of them ran, he was exhausted. ;)


We are such sillies.


Have a good week, loves!



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