Confessions Part IV

Last week I went to Target four times. I was there for two hours during one visit, because I have a problem.

I’m most excited when on my way to the zoo or on my way to get pizza. OR on my way to a vacation.

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than someone I’ve just met telling me, “I’m a hugger,” and drowning me in an unapproved embrace.

I would rather be in a heavy snowstorm than have a day that deceivingly looks lovely, but has high MPH winds of death.

I never rebelled. Literally, there was no “rebel stage” for me ever. The closest I ever came to rebelling was refusing to go to youth choir one time, because I was embarrassed to sing in khakis.

Sometimes I will make two or three different types of chicken in one night if I can’t decide what kind I want for dinner.

I’m very non-confrontational, to the point where if I’m dining with a person who complains or gives grief to the waiter, I have stomach issues and try to apologize with my eyes and awkward grimace.

Jack and I frequently nap during days when I have less editing or no shoots. (We may or may not have just woken up from an hour-long nap.) He looks forward to it and sometimes whines until we snuggle.


My obsession with Pinterest has always been embarrassing. My latest embarrassment is how much I look up baby-related pins. I don’t have too much real baby fever – just Pinterest baby fever. Right now my biggest motivation for having a child is so I can take pictures of my dog with it. (I think that means I’m not ready.)

Andrew & I sometimes talk in really weird, creepy voices that would embarrass us to death if anyone ever heard them. (Marriage is fun.)

A day of relaxation to me involves a pedicure, a pizza, a planner, and puppy snuggles.

If you ask me what I want to eat, be prepared to wait 10 minutes for a decision. I might even make you pull over in the middle of our journey to food so I can stop and think about what my stomach really needs. (Andrew is seriously a saint sometimes.)

Almost everything in my house is a shade of blue or a neutral color. There is no red, green, purple, or anything of the like. I do have some yellow and orange items, but they mostly stay hidden and get pulled out for special occasions.

I run more so I can eat more.

One of the biggest delights in my life is when something has free shipping. It truly makes my day to a ridiculous degree.

Andrew, Alyssa, and I played on the N64 last night. My competitive spirit is so unhealthy. (BUT I BEAT THEM BOTH.)

Happy Wednesday. ;)



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