Maybe in May

One of my most favorite months of the year has arrived. :) Spring has sprung, taxes are over, the weather is warmer…May is a gift directly from Jesus. ;)

I have several shoots and three weddings happening this month, but in the midst of a bunch of work, I plan to have some fun adventures! We hope to knock off some more of our Feasts of 2014 restaurants, and I hope to cross off some goals from my By the Time I’m 25 list.

Speaking of…I completed the first one yesterday! I know, I’m off to a slow start. I made my way around Lake Hefner yesterday morning/afternoon (in the ridiculous wind) and made it out alive after 10 miles of off and on running and walking. Mostly walking near the end. ;)


It was definitely more windy than the weather report led me to believe…but I survived.


This little dude cheered me on.


This creepy one did not. He was lurking in the woods on the trail and staring me down.


I’m happy to check that one off, because for some reason I was under the impression that the trail was 8 miles instead of 10. ;)

Last night, we kicked off May with some fun pictures at a new location I’ve been wanting to try out. Husband and baby sister were kind enough to help me. And I am OBSESSED with this new spot…it’s a bit of a walk to get there, but the green grass and evening light were sooo dreamy. It was a lovely evening with my Andrew and Wormy! :)






Wormy was looking all bohemian with her braided bangs.



I love this shot so much, I couldn’t choose between color and black and white.



LOOK at that sunlight coming through the trees. I am already planning another shoot here to play some more with the light.




Sweet husband will do anything for me.






Our other plans for May include some barbecuing, some anniversary celebrations, a few parties, and a late anniversary trip to Dallas. :) I can taste the Original Pancake House feast already. And today, Mom-in-law and Gabby and I are headed to Dallas for the weekend to do some shopping!

Happy Friday and happy May, loves. :)




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