People Blessings – Tanner

Today is my brother-in-law’s 21st birthday! I thought it only fitting to do a people blessing post in honor of his birth. ;)

This is why Tanner Boswell should be President.

1. His humor knows no bounds.

Before I even met Andrew, I met Tanner. He was the hyper middle schooler running around Falls Creek cracking everyone up. Because I was such a creeper with my eye on Andrew (no shame), I made sure to eavesdrop and be around Tanner enough to know how stable this family was. ;) Luckily, the kid was always making me (and the world) laugh hysterically. When our family gets together, the sarcasm ensues and laughter abounds.


2. He is sensitive in the manliest way possible.

Tanner feels pain when other people feel pain. He’s a tough guy, no doubt, but I have seen and been moved by his compassion for people. If someone is going through a hard time, it bothers him, and he sends encouragement and offers support. He truly cares about people. And my dog.


3. He is willing to help.

Granted, he’s family, but I have always been impressed by Tanner’s willingness to help us with the moving of heavy things. He’s helped us move furniture, helped us with photo shoots, and helped with setting up parties. Anyone who texts me to ask if I need them to come early to an event to lend an extra hand is glorious in my book.


4. He appreciates Superman.

I don’t think I need to explain this, but I have never heard anyone talk about Man of Steel as much as Tanner. To that, I say amen.

5. He’s my little brother.

I have an awesome big brother and an awesome little sister, but I never had a little brother until I married into the Boswell family. Tanner has filled that void in my life and become one of my best friends over the last seven years. We joke with each other, we discuss movies and crazy people, we battle in sarcasm wars, and I will challenge and beat up anyone who messes with my little brother. ;)


Happy birthday Tan! Love you loads!

And a Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad, Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop, and Uncle Mike & Aunt Stacy as well!



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