Counting Blessings

“Come and listen, all you who fear the Lord. Let me tell you what He has done for me.” -Psalm 66

1. Husband’s new job is awesome. It is going SO splendidly, and it is incredibly good for my heart to see him in a job he enjoys, surrounded by nice, normal people. However…every month when he gets his free pizza, I reconsider applying there. ;)

2. Jacker boy is the snuggliest. I think back on his crazy puppy days, and I want to cry happy tears at how far he’s come.



3. Spring and summer weather puts me in a stellar mood. I’m looking forward to more of it. It’s been a bit chilly the last couple days, but I see temperatures in the 80s on the horizon.

4. Happy shoots and weddings are coming! Usually I’m pretty stressed/nervous at this point, but I’m feeling really good about this year’s lineup. I took a few less weddings to make room for more shoots and more free weekends, and I think it is going to do wonders for my summer mood. ;)

5. I had a lovely catch-up date with Kristi Belle last night. I have no pictures of our adventures because we were gabbing (or feasting) the entire time, but my heart is always happy after a good chat with that girl!

6. My house. It’s a delightful, homey wealth of goodness, and I’m so thankful for it.

7. Dan Fogelberg music. I can never get enough. Listen to this one.

8. Smarties. I am blessed by Smarties.

9. The THUNDER. Goodness gracious am I glad I watched the end of last night’s game. Well done, gents! I even salute you, Westbrook. Way to step it up.

10. Today, I am getting a break from the busy to hit up the zoo with baby sister. :)

Happy Wednesday!



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