Anniversary Celebrations – Part 1

THREE YEARS of marriage going on four. Ay carumba, folks.

Andrew bought me some lovely red roses and took me out on a date downtown at Red Pin! :)


We’ve mentioned wanting to go several times, so it was a nice excuse to splurge. And the best part was – our lane broke for 20 minutes and they didn’t even charge us to bowl! (While we were waiting, we watched the first quarter of the Thunder game before it became atrocious.) We only had to pay for our Diet Coke and Sprite. ;)






After some pretty unskilled bowling, we walked down to Zio’s for a late dinner.


Andrew was very excited for the bread. :)


Yes, I was too. DELICIOUS.


As was the alfredo pizza. ;)


And of course I had to finish my night with ice cream, so we stopped at Braum’s on the way home. ;)


I sure do love being married to this handsome man. :)


Next weekend, we’ll continue the celebration on a mini getaway to Dallas. :D We’re going to make the most of the Original Pancake House and IKEA and hit up the Fort Worth Zoo. :)

Happy Friday!




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