Underrated Movies You Should Watch

1. Hook

If you are a new parent, about to be a parent, or are even thinking about being a parent…you should watch this movie. The kids are adorable, and there is such a sweet message under all the adventure and humor in this film about cherishing time with your family. (Warning: you will more than likely cry at some point during this movie.) I love funny Robin Williams, but I think I love dramatic Robin Williams even more. He does SUCH a great job. (He’s still funny in it, don’t fret.) If nothing else, watch it to see how hilarious and epic they made Dustin Hoffman look. Bonus – incredibly random Phil Collins, Glenn Close, and Gwyneth Paltrow cameos.


2. The Fugitive

Harrison Ford + Tommy Lee Jones. I don’t know how on earth so few people I know have seen this movie, because it’s gold. It’s a thrilling story of a man wrongly accused of killing his wife and his quest to prove his innocence. Luckily, he’s a genius and incredibly resourceful. Watch it. I promise you’ll love it.


3. Ghost and the Darkness

I wish there were more movies that combined Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas. They’re the cutest of tough guy friends in this thriller. The scenery is beautiful. The lions are evil, yes…but pretty. Haha. It’s an exciting movie that will either make you really want to go on a safari or never go on one as long as you live.


4. The Big Green

Okay, this is a rather strange and cheesy movie, but just watch it for the hilarity that is Steve Guttenberg. And the fat red-head kid who makes me laugh every time he speaks. It’s a soccer movie, so don’t expect too much ;) but it’s pretty cute and on Netflix if you are bored.


5. Iron Will

I know I’ve mentioned this movie several times on the blog, but you really must watch it. Adventurous, inspiring, and wonderful. I’m not sure what it is aside from Kevin Spacey and the scenery that makes it so awesome, but it seriously never gets old. Cute dogs too. ;)




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