Baby Land

Some days, it feels like I’m living in baby land. Oh, she had her baby! Oh, please tell me you’re trying soon for a baby! Oh, she’s pregnant with her third baby! Baby baby baby baby baby.

This is currently my only baby.


I’ll come clean. I occasionally get the baby fever and binge on baby-related things on Pinterest. I’m admittedly a little glad this happens, because for a while I had no real desire to reproduce. Mom told me it would kick in someday. Now, I have already named my children, planned their newborn shoots, and budgeted for a yearly family zoo pass. (I might be exaggerating.) And who can resist the baby aisles at Target?! Those miniature boat shoes SPEAK TO ME. (Let’s all take a moment to pray that nautical things are still around and hip when I have babies in the distant future.) Why are baby clothes ten times cuter than adult clothes? Is it just because they’re smaller? Why can’t that red swimsuit with the big bow come in an appropriate size for a fully grown human?! And why do they make so many cute baby shoes? Don’t the babies always kick them off? These are the baby questions that flood my mind every time I go to Target… which is more often than I’d like to admit.

I’m also still quite familiar with that baby fear bubble that lives in my chest and tells me tiny human beings are far too overwhelming for someone with my talents of sleeping and chilling. Am I magically going to acquire a mother mode that tells me what to feed and not feed my child? Pinterest says you can’t feed it certain things! I have to practice buying more fruits and vegetables. I eat a pancake for breakfast almost every morning. Can I still do that?! Will I have time to eat the pancake? I’m not sure I can give that up. Am I allowed to sleep while the baby is sleeping or do I have to watch it? What if it stops breathing for half a second? So many questions. And beyond the baby years, Lord knows I fear the toddler tantrums and the teenage hormones so much that I won’t even make jokes about them.

What are your baby excitements and fears, and (if you have babies) how did you deal with them? And to clear the suspicion in the air, no…there are no Boswell babies coming any time soon. Be patient folks. ;)



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