Things We’re Learning

Date nights are essential.

Food (particularly pizza) is a love language.

Caitlin doesn’t like to sleep in on Saturdays.

Andrew loves to sleep in on Saturdays.

Everybody Loves Raymond is a constant source of relaxation.

How to forgive.

How to put other people first.

Cable TV is not as important as the world says it is.

Cowboys football and Thunder basketball games are almost always heart-wrenching and a danger to our blood pressure.

How to not take things personally.

How to try new things.

Friendships will morph, change, and shift. It’s not weird – it’s just life.

Vacations are worth saving up for.

You can never take too many pictures. You can put too many up on Facebook.

Unless a selfie has a dog or an outrageously beautiful background in it, Caitlin doesn’t want to see it.

If Papa Angelo’s is offered under any circumstances whatsoever, Andrew will not be able to refuse.

Laundry is the devil.

Pinterest is both good and bad, but mostly good.

God is always good.

Jurassic Park and Jaws are forever favorites that we will force our children to watch repeatedly.

Going on walks is therapeutic.

Family comes first.

Not all dogs are perfect.

Almost all cheese pizzas are perfect.

Slow evenings with nothing to do are rare and beautiful and meant to be cherished.

Time flies faster than you think.


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