A Lovely Weekend

This weekend was full of so many of my favorite things! Minus food. I’m a pound or two away from a treat day, and I’m dyyyying for some breadsticks and pizza. ;) BUT we had a marvelous weekend full of fun, regardless.

Friday night was spent hanging out and taking pictures with my handsome boys. We only took a few, but this first one of the three of us is my new favorite! :D



And we had to get a picture to commemorate our boy turning 2 years old. :)


Saturday morning, I had breakfast with my sweet Mom-Mom! Her birthday was last week, and she deserved a birthday bagel. :) Lexi’s been staying with them while my family is out of town, and she was quite sure she needed that bagel. ;)


Saturday night, we headed downtown to Myriad Gardens. GUESS WHAT MOVIE they showed on their big screen?




They even had a Jurassic Park jeep, making all my Jurassic Park dreams come true. (Well, almost. I didn’t get to drive it.)



Sunday morning was church, followed by a Sunday afternoon nap. :) And we made our way to Hafer Park Sunday night to meet up and take pictures of two of my favorite people and their new puppies! :)


Wes & Molly recently added sweet Copper (left) & Kali (right) to their little family! They are the cutest pups, and we’re totally smitten. ;)


Copper was so chill the whole time! I adore him.



I needed some puppy snuggles too. ;)


Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well. Happy Monday! :)



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