Hey, Tuesday.

Today, I am:

FEELING: Sad, sad, incredibly SAD to say goodbye to the brilliant and lovable Robin Williams. :(

THINKING: The world needs more Jesus.

WANTING: Some blessed pizza and breadsticks.

LOVING: The fact that my family is finally on their way home, and I get to see them soon! :D

WEARING: Gym shorts and a t-shirt. (I’m so fancy.)

ENJOYING: The rare blessing of a mild summer from Oklahoma.

WORKING: On finishing up some editing and preparing myself for a busy fall season!

LISTENING: To the first Hunger Games movie playing on Netflix. Rejoice.

SMELLING: My dog. Not in a bad way, but he’s right beneath my desk and smells like… well, dog.


PLANNING: For next month’s Florida vacation :D

HOPING: The next hour passes quickly so Andrew can come home. :)

DREAMING: Of Thanksgiving and Christmas.



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