Thursday Thoughts

Not too much to report today, but here’s a few things that have been rolling around in my head.

1. I have about 8,000 things that are coming up the next few months, but right now I’m in an in-between stage where I have essentially nothing to do. Well, I have things to do, but nothing that’s really exciting or time-consuming. It’s making me a little antsy, but I’m trying to cherish the slow days while I have them. I know I’ll miss them when the crazy days come next month!

2. T-Swift’s new song is catchy, but please enjoy my rewritten lyrics. (Do not read if you want to be able to listen to that song with a straight face ever again.)

‘Cause this pancake isn’t cake cake cake cake cake
But it tastes really great great great great great
Just gotta stuff my face face face face face
Gotta eat it all, eat it all.
And this pizza’s going down down down down down
Gonna gain another pound pound pound pound pound
Bring out another round round round round round
Gotta eat it all, eat it all.
So I’ll keep feeeeasting, can’t stop, won’t stop eaaaaating, it’s like I need this feeding, and it’s gonna be alright.

You’re welcome. Yes, I’m hungry too.

3. 26 days until I’m on my way to Florida! 90 days until we feast at Thanksgiving! 118 days until Christmas! Just in case you were wondering.

4. This morning, Jack asked to go outside. He walked in circles for 7 minutes, desperately tried to escape the leash to chase a rabbit, and then he didn’t go to the bathroom. I acquired 3 mosquito bites. I just bragged on him in yesterday’s post, but today we’re not friends. :-P

5. Pinterest is the best.







Happy Thursday, darlings. :)



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