What’s Going On

Here’s what’s going on!

1. Andrew and I are leaving for vacation TODAY!! We are coming for you, sunshine state! :D

2. When we get back, I’ll have eight shoots and two weddings crammed in a few weeks. Keep me in your prayers. Haha.

3. We went to Heard on Hurd this past weekend and got to see Sherree put on a show! I have the coolest sister-in-law everrrr. ;)


Look at those cute dancing babies up on stage with her!


4. I miss this little face already.


He’s not thrilled about our vacation. :(


5. My best friend is 25 years old and we feasted on alfredo pizza and laughed over life and hedgehog notecards this week. :)




6. This beauty is 22 years old today! So glad Mom and I got to lunch with her yesterday!


7. These pens are my new obsession. Paper Mate Flair Pens. I bought a 5-pack from Target, but now I’ve added this whole set to my Amazon wish list because they’re fabulous!


8. There are only 62 days until Thanksgiving and 90 days until Christmas. HALLELUJAH.

9. Andrew and I found season 1 of the Cosby Show for $6 in a random bin at Michael’s, and my obsession is reborn. Such a good, clean, hysterical show! TV just isn’t as good as it used to be.


10. I’ll have lots of posts and pictures for you guys when I return. :) Have a fabulous week, loves!



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