Auntie Status

For those of you who aren’t Facebook friends with me or don’t follow me on Instagram (feel free to add/follow, I love new friends!), I just realized I never blogged about some exciting news…I’m an AUNT!!! My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby next spring, and I’m already exploding with excitement and head over heels for Baby! :D

The night they told us (back in late July), Sherree texted me and said they wanted to stop by and drop off a birthday present for Jackers. At first I felt like a terrible dog-parent, because I didn’t even get a present for Jack for his 2nd birthday. Haha. ;) Then I suspected they might be pregnant, and I screamed and wept happy, happy tears when they gave us this! :) :) :)


I wuv them so. so. much.


They’re already two of the cutest people I know. I can’t wait to watch them be parents to the world’s future cutest baby. ;)


Jack was pretty stoked too because they brought him a giant bone with the promise of a cousin. ;)


The rest of our immediate family was halfway across the world when they told us the news, and the secret keeping began. ;) Thankfully, it fell around Mom’s birthday so there was a non-suspicious excuse for us to all get together (and sneakily video it) when they came home. Enjoy this hilarious, tear-jerking clip. ;)




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