You Win, October.

I surrender to October and all its busy insanity, and therefore, I am giving you a quick, Reader’s Digest version of what’s going on in the land of Boswell. ;) I promise I’ll be back to posting regularly after Thanksgiving. :)

I have a long and absurd story about how I ended up with two planners for next year, but I’m super excited to use them and can’t wait to share the post with you. For now, enjoy these beauties. ;)


I’ve been really swamped with work this month, and it’s nice every now and then to take a break to take creepy selfies with my boys.


I let Andrew choose the restaurant for date night, and he let me drag him to TJ Maxx to buy stuff. Compromise, friends.


He’s a gentleman. :)


We’ve been having some killer sunsets the past couple weeks. I still don’t understand how we’re having 80 and 90 degree weather in October, but I’m not too broken up about it when the skies look like this!


We got a new canvas in, and Jackers approves.


I shot my last wedding of 2014 on Saturday, and the weather and venue were SO DREAMY.


I took my handsome assistant out for chips & queso after the wedding to feast. ;) We’re a little bit obsessed with Deep Deuce Grill.



We took family photos Sunday night and fought the wretched wind! Thankfully, we’re all pretty used to picture-taking and they turned out fine. ;) I’ll do a separate post of all my favorites later this week, but here’s a couple for now.



Is your October crazy busy too? Make me feel better and tell me it is. ;)



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