The following are thoughts that have been bouncing around in my crazy head. As a female, I have entirely too much going on in there.

Mockingjay comes out soon, and I’m dying to see where they end part one. I have a feeling it will be heart-wrenching torture, but I’m excited.

Alex from Target is apparently 16 years old? How is his complexion clearer than my 24-year old complexion? I really need to lay off the miniature Reese’s.

I find clean-looking, well-groomed men far more attractive than the sloven “man bun” trend I’ve seen circling the Internet. Men, I URGE YOU to bathe regularly and buy suits and ties.

I know God created every human being with a purpose, which leads me to believe that Kim Kardashian may not be a human being. Don’t get me started.

Did 2014 win the race for fastest year ever for everyone else or did I just have too much going on this year? I can’t believe we’re almost to December! I’m usually halfway (if not completely) done with Christmas shopping by this time of year, but I’m seriously slacking! I’m coming for you, Target.

I’ve decided Santa Clause is the best Christmas movie. I will never tire of Tim Allen’s antics. (Elf and White Christmas are close behind.)

I don’t want to lose any friends over this comment, but I would just casually like to mention that I miss itty, bitty, country-style Taylor Swift…

Some days I have intense baby fever, but most of it is still driven by seeing pictures of babies with dogs, meaning I’m still nowhere close to ready.

We’ve come to a funny crossroads with Jack. If we leave him out when we go to sleep at night, he will inevitably end up on the bed around 5:00 am, either in between us or completely on top of me. He’ll get down if we tell him to, but I have a hard time kicking him off when he acts as a warm blanket. If we put him in another room when we head to bed, he comes bounding out in the morning and attacks me with licks and whines like he hasn’t seen me in weeks. I adore that dog child.

Designing a Christmas card causes me way more stress than I think it’s supposed to, and I’m pretty sure I’m ridiculous. I like to make my own through my print lab because it’s so much cheaper than Shutterfly (not hating on Shutterfly…trust me, I give them enough money throughout the year). For some reason, this year is taking me forever to decide on a design. I’d love to know how you guys choose a Christmas card? There are too many options!

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries recently on Netflix just to have some background noise while I edit. I like the animal ones. :) This week, however, I unknowingly was watching one about people who feed and worship rats, and now I think I need to go back to Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Happy Friday! :)



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