December Update

Hi, I’m Caitlin. Do you guys remember me? I used to come here often. ;)

Someone remind me to keep more days open for enjoying the fall next year, because all the sudden it’s winter, and I’m still editing! Haha. I’ve LOVED all my clients this year though, so it’s hard to complain. :) I will confess, however, that I am counting down the photos until I’m finished and officially on Christmas break. ;) I’m slowly but surely getting caught up, and I thought I’d drop in to give you a little update. :)

Mockingjay is awesome for the record. We saw it opening night and had a full-fledged freak out. Can we talk about how much both Liam and Josh grew in their acting skills?! Those Gale tears gave me chills, and that ending!? Well, if you haven’t seen it, go see it. I’m so excited for the final movie!


Target has crazy cute pajamas this year, and I believe you can never have too many pajama sets.


Don’t let these pretty clouds fool you. Oklahoma has been downright cranky.


THIS DOG. I apologize if you’re tired of seeing or hearing about him. He’s just the very best.


Thanksgiving 2014 was full of cute people, good food, and good times! Baby Gannon was looking stylish as usual.


I’m quite thankful for this man and his precious family! We’re so blessed to have both of our families close-by.




I. Love. My. In-Laws.


Before we headed to my side of the family’s Thanksgiving feast, we let the pooch out to play and forced him to take a picture. ;)


Baby sister is such a gem. (And apparently still growing?! Just now noticing she looks taller in this picture…she must have heels on!)


I adore my pretty Mama and her talent for cooking killer Thanksgiving feasts.


Sweetest people. We were definitely missing Brad, Sherree, and Baby though!




If you’ve never played the card game Pit, you should probably buy it here and prepare for lots of noise and laughter. ;)


We went around the table and listed things we were thankful for after dinner, and Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop had us all in tears with their cuteness when they talked about each other.


The day after Thanksgiving was spent baking and laughing with these beauties! It had been far too long since I’d seen sweet Jen and Micah!



Saturday was a lovely day off of work, and these cuties helped me start decorating for Christmas. :)


Well, they tried at least. ;)


I’ll share more Christmas pictures when I’m finished. :) Happy December, loves! I can’t believe the year is almost over!



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