Pros and Cons of Photographer Life

PRO: You have a kick-butt camera that takes fabulous photos.

CON: You have little money after buying a kick-butt camera.

PRO: All the weddings and parties you shoot give you ideas for your future events.

CON: There can occasionally be wedding drama that makes you feel uncomfortable and/or squeamish. (But the more of them you shoot, the more skilled you are at handling or avoiding it.)

PRO: You have the great honor and privilege of being there for people on some of the most important days of their lives. (I will never get tired of that.)

PRO: You can save money by taking your own photos.

CON: You add heaps of stress by taking your own photos.

PRO: You know where all the good locations are, what to wear and not wear, and how to pose for photo shoots like a champ.

CON: Sometimes you might get suspicious when new people try to befriend you, because you’ll wonder if they just want a discount on photos.

PRO: You might occasionally be home all day editing and never get out of your pajamas.

CON: You might occasionally be home all day editing and never get out of your pajamas.

PRO: If you wish, you can somewhat determine how much free time you have.

CON: You frequently have to give up your weekends, and work rarely is 9-5 during the week. The catch to staying at home is that the work is never over at 5:00. It sits on your computer and beckons you to edit until 2:00 AM.

PRO: You become an expert at Photoshop, and the possibilities are endless.

CON: Some people will think you’re always at home and never busy, and if you’re bad at saying “no,” you might easily become overbooked and exhausted.

PRO PRO PRO: You get to make and capture beautiful memories with wonderful people.

I love my job. :)


















 Good news – almost all of my editing is done, so I will be BACK to regular blogging and a relaxing few weeks soon. :) Thank you all for your sweet emails and comments checking on me. I’m so thankful for you!



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