A Merry Sneak Peek

GUYS. I HAVE NO PICTURES TO EDIT RIGHT NOW. I CANNOT REMEMBER THE LAST TIME THIS HAPPENED. For now, all the 2 and 3 AM nights and back problems are at an end while I work on less overwhelming duties. (Of course, I only have a few days before I will have more shoots and more to edit, but still…counting my blessings.) Things are finally slowing down, and I’m so excited to experience relaxation again. ;)

The past few weeks have completely been a blur. I’m not sure how we managed to get most of our house decorated for Christmas in between the craziness that’s been going on, but we did. I’m determined to sit down and enjoy December before it’s gone, because I can hardly remember November. ;)

Here’s a little sneak peek at our festiveness. I’ll do a full post tomorrow after I get some more shots and rearrange a few more things. I know my presents are all over the place right now, but I have a bunch more to wrap tonight before I go all feng shui. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I am so behind this year!






More posts and pictures to come soon now that I have a life again. ;) Love you all! Have a happy Wednesday!



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