Yays and Nays – December

Christmas is over, and our decorations are almost all down. NAY. It’s always a sad transition. I think the worst is the absence of Christmas music on the radio. :(

However, the New Year is upon us, and that means I get to use my new planner soon. ;) YAY! (Side note – I did end up putting printables for my homemade planner on Etsy if any of you want them. I had a couple emails asking about it, so I think I forgot to blog about that after they went up on Etsy. They are here if you want them! http://www.etsy.com/shop/CaitPhoto)

Winter is still very cold. I know, shocker, right? I miss you, summer. NAY.

Jackers has a friend keeping him company this week. :) YAY.


We watched UP last night while we put away Christmas decorations, and I am absolutely never going to make it through that movie without weeping at least three times. NAY. But that Russell cracks me up!

Thanks to Andrew’s super generous grandparents, we have a new addition to my office to help me cope with winter. :D YAAAAY. Jack is still scared of it when it first moves and beeps, but usually he sits and stares at me when I use it.


I had a delightful catch-up lunch with two of my forever best friends yesterday. YAY! I adore these two.


In other news, we are working on cleaning up and getting ready for 2015 this week. I love a fresh start. :) I’ll have several posts and hopefully some fun, free printables for you in the next couple weeks.

Happy Tuesday, loves! Hope your week is full of YAYS. ;)



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