The Land of the Busy

One of these days, I’m going to have free time again. Until then, here’s a quick little update of what’s been happening this year besides me trying to catch up on work. ;)

My sickness is 98% gone! It was wretched, but I had good snuggling company to heal me.


I’ve been loving my new planner! Jack is less than thrilled about it.


Andrew watched a stressful Cowboy game…


…while we watched a stressful Andrew.


The next Cowboy game ended in sadness (and a rip off), but these fans sure have the cutest faces! ;)


This picture looks like Jack is consoling Andrew after the game, right? Nope. Pooch is still afraid of the washer and dryer.


We had a delightful meal at Longhorn. :)


We’ve reached a new level of separation anxiety.


My second job is working part-time for my parents, and let’s just say it hasn’t been slow. ;)


Baby sister turned 17 on Monday! I won her forever love by gifting her a Tom Hiddleston coloring book.


She made the cake herself, of course.


I told her no pressure, but I met Andrew when I was 17 years old. ;)


Jackers is now up to date on all his vaccinations, is a healthy 70 pounds, and is still the most anxious little turd when it comes to car rides.


And lastly, my 2014 yearbook came in! :D It’s ginormous. I’ll share more of it in my next post. :)


Happy Wednesday, loves!



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