Money Savers

I’m a bargainer at heart, and I love a good deal. Here are a few of my favorite money savers! And a picture of my dog, who…incidentally, is not a money saver.

1. Cash Back Credit Cards

Now…don’t misunderstand my boost for credit cards here, because they can be dangerous little beasts if you have an impulsive spirit. BUT if you have a healthy dose of self control and responsibility, they can be quite useful. We almost NEVER let our credit card balance go more than a couple weeks without being paid off completely. Our credit card company does different cash back promotions every quarter, and it’s nice to get a little bonus just for spending money on things you’re going to buy anyway. Do your research on annual fees and APR before selecting one, but several credit cards offer great cash back perks.


This isn’t necessarily a quick or giant money saver, but it’s a clever little website that gives you gift cards in exchange for doing random surveys. WOOP. It takes a while for your points to accumulate, but it’s incredibly easy once you know how it all works. You get a certain amount of points for each survey you take, and once you reach a number of points, you can redeem them for gift cards. (And it’s not a scam, which makes it all the more delightful. Lol.) I’ve been a member for a little over a year and even though I haven’t used it a ton, I still have gotten $50 worth in gift cards so far. It’s simple. It’s free. It’s a beautiful road to TJ Maxx and Longhorn Steakhouse money.

3. Target Card / Cartwheel

I love Target. Truthfully, who doesn’t? My Target debit card gives me 5% off of every Target purchase and lets me order anything online with free shipping. Anything with free shipping is CONVENIENCE at its finest in my book. And sure, 5% off isn’t that much, but for the average female who spends a day a week there, if not more, it adds up. And for more deals, there’s the Cartwheel app that offers additional discounts on select items. You want that really cool comforter? Just wait a few weeks, and Cartwheel is bound to have a sale on bedding. I LOVE SALES.

4. Wal-Mart Savings Catcher

I consider myself a fairly frugal person, and therefore, I dare shop at Wal-Mart. Nine out of ten times, you’ll find me at the Wal-Mart Market instead of the giant Wal-Mart, because there are fewer people there and the self-checkouts are usually open and empty. (I like people, I promise.) I digress. After you’ve bought a heap of groceries, save that receipt and enter the numbers and date into, and you’ll automatically start a bank of money for doing nothing but your regular grocery shopping. If any competitor to Wal-Mart advertises a lower price on something you’ve bought, you get the difference in a beautiful little bank of money that you can get as a gift card at any time. Voila!

5. Airline Memberships

Again, I’m not condoning going crazy with the credit cards here, but there are some pretty good travel deals out there if you sign up for an airline credit card or membership. We have the Spirit MasterCard, and after signing up for it on a flight, we automatically got enough free airline miles for three roundtrip flights. You don’t even have to use the card more than once a month, or not at all if you use those flights right away. I also use something called Miles for Thoughts, another survey program that gives you more airline miles for taking surveys. YES, it’s mildly boring and time-consuming, but I can handle it for some free travel! There are quite a few airline cards and memberships that give you free miles just for signing up. Start planning those vacations. ;)

What money savers do you use? I’d love to hear some more! :) And if you want to jump on board with any of these, hit me up and I’ll send you a referral email so we both get extra points. ;) Happy Monday, loves!



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