Some Random Facts

1. January 2015 has been far busier than any other January I’ve had, and I’m not super crazy about that. I am hoping I can scale back February and slow this ride down because I need a nap. ;)

2. I’m in desperate need of spring and summer. I miss green grass, flip flops, and legitimate reasons to get ice cream.

3. My sister-in-law is bringing my very first nephew into the world in less than three months, and I’m SOOOO ready to meet and kiss that baby! Isn’t he super handsome already?!


4. Over the past month, Andrew and I have been to Cheesecake Factory four times, and we plan to go for Valentine’s Day. THAT BREAD you guys. We’re hooked.

5. I think my dog is jealous of how much time I’ve been spending with my new treadmill. He whines excessively when I start to put on my sneakers. Sometimes he sits right next to me while I run and just stares. (I’m going to try to train him to use it too, but so far he isn’t a big fan.) This picture is so blurry and awful, but can you feel the resentment in his eyes?


 6. On the treadmill subject, I’m suddenly terribly out of shape. Thanks, winter. Here is a photo right before we had one last glorious meal before my diet. I’ve got to get back in the habit of eating more vegetables. ;)


Bye, pizza. I’ll see you in a little over a month on my birthday.


7. I’ve recently been in a very “hymn” mood. I can’t stop listening to Chris Rice’s hymn album. Great Is Thy Faithfulness and O Love That Will Not Let Me Go are my faves. Anyone have any other hymn albums they’d suggest? I couldn’t find that many that weren’t sung by entire choirs.

8. I have been watching documentaries again on Netflix while I edit, and this one is my favorite. If you have a spare hour and like tigers, you should watch it.

9. I have less than two months left before I turn 25, and my panic mode is in high gear. Time is flying by me way too fast these days, and I don’t care for it. Also, I’m now taking suggestions for fun things to do on my birthday to distract me from the whole growing old thing. ;)

10. Our families (both sides) could use some prayer. They’re mostly personal requests and not for blogging, but send a prayer or two up for all of us if you think of it. :) God is good. Loves you all.



2 thoughts on “Some Random Facts

  1. Alan Jackson does a great gospel hymns album, if you like country. This is the link to find it on Amazon:
    Also, if you have any interest in Elvis, he did some really great gospel music:
    Hope that helps :)

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