Love-ly Weekend

We love because He first loved us. -1 John 1:4

 My heart is full. This weekend was a much-needed refresher, and I’m feeling so rested today. Friday night was spent at home vacation planning with Andrew. I’ll tell you more when things are official and booked. ;)

Saturday morning started with heavenly weather and a fabulous brunch baby shower for my sweet sister-in-law. Let me go ahead and just interject here that I flippin adore her and can’t wait for her to bring the cutest baby ever into the world. :D Let me also inform you that they just bought this house around Christmas, and they have already turned it into a Pinterest-worthy haven. Rockstars.


Baby Henry is already so loved. :)



After the shower, Andrew and I headed to a super early dinner at Cheesecake Factory to avoid the crowds, and we feasted on the patio. The weather was perfect, and the meal was divine. (We have a new restaurant addiction.) One of Andrew’s Valentine surprises for me was a reserved room at the Skirvin, and we had a lovely little getaway weekend. We finished our celebrations by eating enough to feed five people at our Sunday morning breakfast. :)





Puppies. He gets me.





Jackers was a little sad we couldn’t take him to the Skirvin. Haha.





And yesterday’s snow day could not have been timed more perfectly. The credit union Andrew works for rarely closes, but it was just dangerous enough to let him have a well-deserved snow day. ;) He hasn’t taken a single sick day since he’s worked there, so I was thrilled for him to have a day off. He watched movies while I finished my editing, and he helped me get some projects done around the house. It was a glorious weekend, and I feel so rested and prepared for the week. :) Hope you all had a wonderful love-filled weekend!

Happy Tuesday, darlings!



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