Date Night Printables

I love date nights. I think they’re so easily neglected, but so important! After some Pinspiration (let’s pretend that’s a word), I drafted up some fun date night printables in Photoshop. These little interviews are great to keep for future gift-giving or surprise-planning. I noticed some of my answers to these questions would definitely have been different when we got married almost four years ago, so even if you think you’d know their every answer, it’s helpful to see if your spouse’s opinions or tastes have changed. Fill out your little interviews on a date night and hang on to your spouse’s for future reference! (This first set is geared toward married folks, but scroll down for another printable for both married and dating couples.)


Click here for PDF – DateNightPrintable1


Click here for PDF – DateNightPrintable2


Click here for PDF – DateNightPrintable3

You all are well aware of how much I love lists. ;) Here’s another printable for some fun date night ideas.


Click here for PDF – DateNightBucketList

…and here’s a blank one if you think my date ideas are super lame. ;)


Click here for PDF – DateNightBucketListBlank

Happy Friday! :)



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