February Favorites

This movie.

It quickly climbed its way into my list of recent favorites. It was SO GOOD. I get a little antsy when movies go past two hours, but this 2 hour and 20 minute flick flew right by. ;) Great story, great acting, and it made me feel like exercising. Haha. Go see it!


And while we’re on the subject, this movie theater.

We headed to the Warren after church yesterday afternoon, and it was delightful. It’s hard to believe how long it took us to finally try out the “balcony.” Heated seats, food delivered to your table, assigned seating so you don’t have to rush…we were BIG fans. If you haven’t been, we highly recommend it for a fun date night!


This super cheesy-looking organizer.

I know, judge away. The “As Seen on TV” quality made me question its functionality, but I’m rather glad I bought it, and I no longer worry about having too many shoes.


These Shutterfly desk calendars.

I love them! They’re the perfect size without being obnoxiously large. (And I really like these Shutterfly notebooks too.)


This dog.

I’m totally over winter and not a fan of cold generally, but we did have a splendid little snow day today. :)




These drape-hanging men.


Little by little we’re working on getting house stuff done. I do love that sun making the office look bright. :D


What are your favorite things this month? :)



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