Turning 25

Stick a fork in me, I’m done. In less than a week, I turn 25. And in case it’s not apparent…I don’t want to turn 25.

Tell me, people. How do you handle getting older? Do you live in denial and try to never think about it? Do you shop and eat your sorrows away with retail therapy and carbs? I’ve recently grown wary of birthdays. I always end up a little bummed out after the celebrations are over. Don’t get me wrong…I fully anticipate and enjoy the excessive pizza and cookie cake and presents, but after the party is over I’m usually curled up in the fetal position feeling super old and melancholy. (Ok, more like curled up in sweatpants eating the last piece of cookie cake.) The older I get, the faster time flies! How do you handle it!? I welcome any advice on how to beat the birthday blues. ;)

My birthday is on a Sunday this year, and we’re taking advantage of it by skipping town for the weekend. I’m coming for you, Colorado. :D I’ll hopefully have loads of pretty pictures to show you when we return. :)

Since we’ll be out of town the day of (and a few of my family members will be too), we’ve had some preliminary birthday celebrations the last several days. I love these sweet people!


Kristi Belle treated me to my favorite kind of lunch. :)


My family celebrated with ice cream sundaes, pizza, and an epic game of Laser Tag. (And some beautiful Cheesecake Factory gift cards, solidifying my forever love.)




My in-laws gifted me with numerous cute things, but I think this slice of cookie cake with a panda on it was my favorite. ;) Haha.


These fab shoes were a close second.


We had some heavenly Earl’s brisket and played my new favorite board game, Loaded Questions. (It’s a hoot – you should play it.)


And Jackers is getting an early start on the birthday love by being extra snuggly. I think he’s a little peeved that he can’t come to Colorado with us.



Happy Wednesday! The next time you see me, I will probably be a quarter of a century old, so be really nice to me. ;)



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