March Madness

Forgive me if you clicked on my blog link thinking that I was going to talk about the NCAA. (I will briefly say Iowa State what!?!)

My March Madness has consisted of being exceedingly busy and exhausted, but I’m taking a 10-minute break to exhale in the form of blogging. ;)

1. The CaitPhoto world has eaten me for lunch. I have never had so many early year weddings and shoots! And while I love the business, I have to admit I’m purposely pushing back some other shoots to give myself a little break. Haha. On the bright side, my clients are the greatest, and I have been shooting and editing REALLY pretty things like this…






2. Jack Sparrow picked the worst week (last week) to have diarrhea. My parents went on an Israel trip for over a week, so Mom-in-law and I had been running their ministry for them every day while they were gone. Shepherds are big on routine, and Jack apparently was NOT a fan of my leaving him earlier and longer than usual. Andrew and I came home to a giant, smelly mess after I finished up some work at the office on a Saturday. (Cue panic.) After an expensive Rug Doctor rental and a heap of carpet cleaning, my house finally smells nice again, and this little monster has since been super apologetic. And ardently bathed. I’m happy to report he’s back to normal now, but I’m still a little bitter. ;-P


3. To cope with the craziness, Andrew and I have been to Cheesecake Factory three times in the past three weeks. (I know. We’ll join a support group soon.) Go get the Crispy Chicken Costoletta if you haven’t had it yet, and send me a picture. ;)


4. This is mildly random, but in case you haven’t downloaded it yet, go get the DubSmash app if you have a spare ten minutes to feel absolutely ridiculous. I don’t have time to upload our DubSmash videos (and I’m too embarrassed) but trust me, you’ll enjoy the app.


5. My husband is the greatest and gets me through the madness with flowers and french fries. ;)


Have you had a maddening March? Here’s to April. ;) Happy Monday, loves!



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