Dear Henry

Welcome to the world, Henry James Wolfe Ulrich! I am over-the-moon excited to be your aunt. :)


There are a few things I feel the duty to teach you before you grow up right before our eyes.

1. Your parents are one of those couples. They are genuine and adorable and a regular Jim & Pam love story that you should brag on to your friends when you get to Pre-K. Be nice to them and sleep a lot at night. Your father is a bit of a nerd, and your mother will forever defeat you in Scrabble, but take heart. They are two of the most hilarious and wonderful people you’ll ever meet.

2. Aunt Cait is your favorite. I know Aunt Alyssa makes bomb chocolate chip cookies, but my present-buying skills are unparalleled. I also have a zoo pass, and I’ll let you ride my dog like a horse when you’re older. And it’s likely I’ll be the first to give you a cousin.

3. I turned 25 shortly before your entrance into the world, so I’m going to feel really old as you grow up. Please tell me I’m young and pretty when you learn to speak. I shall reward you with my previously-mentioned gift-giving skills.

4. You will quite possibly be photographed more than the average child. I apologize. On the bright side, you will probably rock picture day at school with advanced talent. You’re welcome.

5. We love you loads already, kiddo. I will forever call you Handsome Hank, and I’ll never forget how full my heart felt when I held you for the first time. Your parents are rockstars, and we’re all obsessed with you already. Welcome to the family, little man. :)

~Aunt Cait



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