Hey, April

Hey there, mid-April. How’d you sneak up on me? Let’s do a little catching up on the whirlwind that has been the last few weeks. :)

1. I’m obsessed with being an Aunt, and I can’t get enough of this squishy little face! :D




He is the best everrr. ;)

2. We’ve had some stellar family time lately, and Easter was lovely. :)




Aunt Laney bought me a selfie stick, and we found it quite entertaining. Hahaha.



Please look at that precious little smile Henry is giving Uncle Andy. ;)


Just FYI, we are on a trampoline here, not a parking lot.


We were so glad that Uncle Tom and Mitch and Zach could come visit over Easter weekend (we missed you Heather!). Love these boys!


3. I’ve binge-watched the entire series of The Office twice while editing the past several weeks…yes, twice. This video of singing Andy Bernard gives me all the feelings.

4. The weather has been a tad crazy, but also a little fabulous. We’re definitely into spring shoot season, and I like it. :)



5. I have several fun things to post the next few weeks, and I’m giddy thinking about warm weather and summer fun. Get excited. :D

Happy weekend, loves!



2 thoughts on “Hey, April

  1. I have seen every episode of the Office twice, too! And Andy doing that song makes me cry!!! The song when Michael leaves is pretty rough too. Love that show :)

    PS- I turn 25 next month- so we’ll be in a quarter life crisis club together, right?

    • YES! That is the other episode that really gets me too! I definitely cried more than I thought I would in those last few seasons haha.

      Happy early birthday! And haha, yes it is definitely a crisis. ;)

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