The Slow Days

Every winter, I typically enjoy a period of time where the editing slows, the shoots are few, and the free time abounds for the most part. I have a 2nd job that helps my income working at my parents’ office part-time, but my hours are usually easier and less overwhelming in the CaitPhoto world from January to March. 2015, for some reason, didn’t get that memo. It’s been a little nonstop for me so far this year, but April has finally brought me a little bit of a slower pace, and I looove it. I am enjoying a week of slow days. :)

Some days are boring. Some days are awesome. Some days, I wish I had a normal 9-5 job, and other days I thank God with my entire being that my job is as flexible and convenient as it is. Granted, my summer and fall seasons last year were the busiest I’ve ever had, so I feel it’s a well-deserved relief. ;) I’ve felt guilty at times in the past that my occupation occasionally provides me with some built-in chill time, but I’ve recently been cherishing it without shame because I know the slow days won’t stay forever.

I take joy in the freedom to nap from time to time, and I let Jack crawl right on under the covers with me and bury me in his 70-pound heap of fur, because I know one day I won’t have the luxury of napping whenever I want with my dog.

I go out to eat with Andrew and stare at his handsome face that will hopefully be what my future babies’ faces resemble most. I enjoy listening to his stories, laughing at his jokes, and reveling in the blessing that is marriage. I try to hold on to every minute I get to spend with him, because I know other human beings will be fighting for my attention in a few years.

I walk or run in the mornings if I have the energy, because I know even getting out of bed will one day seem challenging. And if I feel like sleeping in one morning, I gift myself that extra hour because it will no doubt be rare in the future when little people are in charge of my wakeup calls.

I sit quietly at the table for breakfast by myself and smile, knowing that one day there will be a small person or two or three sitting across from me blowing bubbles in their chocolate milk.

I breathe in every quiet moment. And while the quiet moments and slow days sometimes make me feel spoiled or even insignificant, I know they are lavished on me by Christ and are preparing me for a very non-boring and incredibly significant role in the future.

I look forward to it. :)



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