Summer Plans

If the rain would just take a chill pill, I could get started on some of our fun summer activities! Here’s just a little of what we have planned for this summer. Feel free to give me more suggestions. ;)


1. I’m shooting my cousin’s wedding this weekend at this gorgeous venue in Georgia. (And thankfully the weather looks much nicer there than it has been here this week.)


2. Andrew has to work the morning of the wedding, but I’m picking him up from the airport after the wedding’s over, and we’re going to spend some time exploring Atlanta over the weekend as kind of a late anniversary celebration for us. :) We’re going to check out the Georgia Aquarium, which is apparently the world’s largest aquarium!? So random, but my little wannabe-marine-biologist heart is excited!


3. On the way home, we’ll make an essential pit stop in Dallas for pancakes and probably a little shopping. :D



1. So far it looks like I’ll be shooting two weddings and seven+ sessions during June, so I’ll be a little bit glued to my computer editing. I’m going to try to escape every now and then with some summer adventures and delicious food. ;) We definitely want to hit up H&8th and Heard on Hurd this month.

2. Top Golf opens here in late June, and we are SO excited to try it out!


3. I don’t know when, but I plan to force Andrew to come with me on a late night IHOP run to cure my editing blues.

3. We’re also hoping to make a few trips to the zoo, the lake, and downtown for some fun date nights. We really like patios these days…any suggestions for a fun place in Edmond/OKC to dine on the patio?


1. We haven’t decided on 4th of July celebrations yet. We thought about a road trip, but I imagine most places will be fairly crowded. Regardless, I’m sure we’ll celebrate with family and food and fireworks. (And our tradition of watching Independence Day and eating brownies.)

2. We’ve talked about fitting in another little Colorado road trip in mid or late July, depending on how much editing I’ve finished and how frugal we’re able to be with our Australia/New Zealand trip coming up in the fall. I really want to go back to Garden of the Gods and get some more delicious fudge. (I think nearly this whole post is about food…my apologies, I’ve been dieting, ok!?)

3. Jack will turn 3 years old! We’ll probably buy him some new frisbees and feed him cake. ;)


What are your summer plans this year? Have any more ideas for us? :)



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