New Favorites

1. The elliptical.

I’ve long loved my treadmill, but I was forced to use the elliptical at the gym the other day when all of the treadmills were taken. Best accident ever! I burned more calories and felt like I exerted far less effort…is that cheating? I’m switching back and forth between treadmill and elliptical now.

2. Snack size Hershey’s.

I can’t stop, you guys. My obsession shifted from Smarties and Reese’s, and now I must have some form of milk chocolate Hershey’s every day. (Side note: if my cravings are this bad when I’m not pregnant, what on earth kind of monster will I be when I am with child!?)

3. Chris Pratt.

I just really like him and his hilarity. I’m so ready to see Jurassic World!

4. Hamburgers.

I’ve always liked them, although never in the way normal people like them. (I eat hamburger patties with ketchup, completely plain and weird.) My dieting favorite lately though has been protein and veggies, and I’ve fallen in love with hamburgers again. Hamburger patties, that is.

5. The Office.

I’ve always loved this show, but until the past year I hadn’t watched the last few seasons. Now it’s an essential part of my background noise on editing days. Jim and Pam and Dwight forever.

6. Cheesecake Factory.

No surprise, right? It’s taken over my Longhorn obsession, and now I literally try to think of ways I can afford more trips and more calories there. Every time I book another shoot, my mind automatically thinks of it in terms of Cheesecake Factory trips. ;)


7. Shut Up & Dance.

I know. So pathetic, but it’s my favorite running song. Anyone have any new running song suggestions? I’m getting tired of mine.

8. This pin.


9. Home Goods.

I know it’s technically the same company as TJ Maxx, but I think I love it more than TJ now. I wish it didn’t feel so far away!

10. This picture of Handsome Hank and his perfect curly hair. :)


Happy Monday, and happy June! :)



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