Jetting through June

It is late Sunday evening as I write this (though I’m sure I’ll fall asleep before I publish it), I am editing the last 800 photos from a wedding, and I am sighing as I stare at my very full planner. I miss you, free time. ;) I’m about 5 or 6 shoots away from life slowing down a little bit, and I plan to book almost nothing else for July so I can know what it feels like to nap again. ;) Despite the craziness, we’ve had quite a few adventures in June, and I’m loving the warmer weather!

Here’s a quick update via the life of my iPhone. :)


Baby sister NEEDED to try the Crispy Chicken Costoletta. She’s a believer now.


Summer evening walks are my favorite. I’m so glad we have a cute little walking trail close to our house.


This happy dude helped me on my wedding in Tulsa two weekends ago, and he was pretty excited about the Fuddrucker’s feast we had before we went to work. :)



I bought this rug for $10 and left the tags on just in case I changed my mind, but Jack claimed it in less than 5 minutes.


We finally got to try out Main Event with our Sunday School class last week, and we had a blast!


We definitely want to go back and try the laser tag.


We celebrated our friends Preston & Mikah Friday night and got to catch up with a bunch of our favorites!





Saturday night was another excuse to be around the most handsome baby. ;)


Such a little stud-muffin.




Church was delightful with these cute twinsies. ;)


Andrew and I have grown accustomed to a great rhythm of eating healthy all week and eating delicious food all weekend. Deep Deuce Grill was part of Sunday’s carb fest. ;)


We walked around Myriad Gardens after lunch, because the weather was lovely…and we needed to work off that queso.


We completed the weekend with Coldstone. :) (FYI, we went to the gym this morning.)

Happy Monday! I hope to be back to normal blogging and free time in July. ;) Hope you all are having a wonderful summer! :)



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