Thank You Notes

Time for some thank you notes – Jimmy Fallon style.

Thank you, Jurassic World, for fulfilling all my jurassic hopes and dreams in one brilliant movie where Chris Pratt proved he is cooler than anyone else alive and that raptors have souls.


Thank you, Deep Deuce Grill, for supplying the world with a queso so beautiful that I wish to be buried in it.


Thank you, Jack, for not escaping my death grip in order to chase and murder the cute rabbit that found its way into our backyard yesterday. I imagine the rabbit thanks you too. And thanks for the constant support while I work.


Thank you, Sonic Drive-In, for offering large drinks for 99 cents before 10 AM to further feed my diet soda addiction.

Thank you, Andrew, for having great hair, a great work ethic, and a great love and respect for food. We should go on a date. ;) Did you say Cheesecake Factory? Sure!

Thank you, Netflix and particularly The Office, for keeping me entertained while I edit thousands of photos and slowly drift into madness. You keep me from completely losing my mind.





Thank you, Oklahoma weather, for being so unpredictable that I can’t really plan anything 100%. The rain is refreshing and all, but could you bring it on days when I don’t have shoots scheduled?

Thank you, CaitPhoto world, for coming close to wrapping up the busy-ness. It’s been real, but I’m extremely ready to remember what it’s like to be bored.

Thank you, Australia & New Zealand, for being there to look forward to on days when I feel overwhelmed and exhausted. T-minus three months. :D



And thank you, sweet blog readers, for sticking with me during busy days and meaningless posts. High fives all around. ;)



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