Real Life

In a world that is far too obsessed with putting up a pretty face, allow me to share some real life with you today. ;)

Last week, Andrew and I went through an entire family-size box of goldfish in three days. I’ve now sworn off goldfish because I’m pretty sure they contain some form of addictive drug.

There was a humungous bruise on my arm for two straight weeks that has finally vanished. Jack saw a squirrel and, in his swift pursuit, ran me into the brick wall outside our back door.

My nephew was so excited to see me at our 4th of July family celebration that he spit up on and down my shirt. Luckily, he’s so cute that even his spitting up face is adorable.

I was cursed with a ludicrous pimple on the bridge of my nose last week that was so bad it made my right eye look swollen. Quasimodo style. Gross.

 We woke up for church Sunday, turned off the alarm in a groggy half-awake state, and promptly fell back asleep. Fail. We did watch the sermon online, and it was fantastic. See it here if you overslept too. ;)

I didn’t know there was a soccer game happening last weekend until I visited Twitter. Go team. (I also didn’t know people cared about soccer…am I alone in this??)

I have over 8,000 photos left to edit on my computer, and I don’t expect to see much free time until September. One of these days I’ll learn to say no without offending or feeling inward shame. (People-pleasers, I see you nodding your heads in agreement.)

Last week at my parents’ office, I heard a loud thud on the window and looked outside to see a bird flailing about on the ground in pain. Despite my aversion to birds, I literally teared up. To my horror, it didn’t move for 5 minutes, and another bird that appeared to be its mother brought food down to feed it. Happy ending – the bird was gone 15 minutes later, so I’m assuming (optimistically) that it flew away.

Yesterday was pretty crazy, but the cherry on top was making the smoke detector go off last night while trying to quickly fry a burger for my dinner and forgetting to turn on the fan before I ran to the bathroom. Good news. Jack was home to help me by barking and jumping at the beeping thing on the wall.

I’ve eaten so much over the last two weeks that I’m afraid to weigh myself, and I could feel the treadmill’s disgust with me this morning. I blame holidays and goldfish and Cheesecake Factory.

I promise more exciting blog posts are coming when I catch up on my editing. Happy Wednesday! Here’s to real life. ;)



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