In Case You Were Wondering…

I’m still alive. I still want to blog more like I did in the good old days. I’m still drowning in editing and work at my 2nd job and lack of sleep. :| Please pray that I don’t get carpal tunnel or go blind from being on the computer so much. ;)

Andrew’s job is still awesome, and he’s doing so well there! We’re super thankful for God’s provision in leading him to such a convenient and positive place.

Jack is turning 3 years old this month. He’s still crazy hyper when people come over, but only because he loves them and thinks they’ve all come to play with him. ;) When it’s just us at home, he lays around sleeping or making cute faces like this. He is the snuggliest dog I have ever encountered, and I’m still obsessed with him.




My baby sister won a silver medal at a national cooking competition in Washington, D.C. this past week! I’m forcing her to come over and cook me dinner soon after she returns. ;)

I periodically upload all the photos from my phone to my computer so I can clear them off to make space. The trouble is, I now have a ridiculously cute nephew. How am I supposed to get rid of pictures like these!? I keep them on my phone to cheer me up on rough days. :)





I tend to avoid most controversial subjects on this blog. (It’s the peace-making middle child in me.) I’ve had a couple people ask why I haven’t blogged about certain issues that have come up in the news lately, and that’s a fair question I suppose. Truthfully, I have always hated watching the news. It makes me sick to my stomach sometimes, and I don’t want to put a giant diatribe essay on my blog that comes off like a venting session. (And these days I’m busier than ever, so I don’t even have time to type out all the words it would take to deal with the issues.) People are so easily offended, and words and attitudes can quickly become misunderstood over the Internet. While I don’t want to stay silent on important things, I do want to keep this a positive place that speaks the love and grace and purpose of Jesus – not a place that complains or condemns. So even though some of the news lately has made my insides anxious, you won’t see too much of it on this blog. I’m pretty sure most of you regular readers know where I stand on the big issues anyway. Let’s pray for our world that desperately needs Jesus, and if you want to know how I feel about something, you are more than welcome to come to my house and chat over pancakes or pizza. ;)

Happy Wednesday, loves. :)



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