Yays and Nays – July

We celebrated my sister-in-law’s birthday this weekend with a family party that was full of hilarity and Henry. ;) YAY!





My little dog-child Jack Sparrow turned 3 years old yesterday! YAY! And nay, I suppose, because he’s growing up too fast.





He chowed down on his birthday bone. :)



Dog child has developed a new bad habit, however, in response to his washing machine phobia. If I’m getting ready or making dinner at a counter or anything he can jump on, he seizes the day. NAY. (I know, I shouldn’t have taken a picture because it probably only encouraged him, but I can’t stop laughing at that face. “Save me, Mama.”)


This handsome man and I are getting back in the groove with our daily morning workouts and getting in some lovely evening walks as well. YAY. :)


The summer is ever so quickly coming to a close. NAY. I’m not ready! I haven’t had enough summer fun yet! Someone rewind to the beginning of July, please.

I’ve been eating healthy and not losing much weight consistently the past couple weeks, and that is a giant NAY if there ever was one. (I’m not needing to lose a bunch – just wanting to tone and maintain and make more room for Cheesecake Factory dinners.) Mom says it’ll take longer because I’m getting older. So NAY all around on that one. ;-P

T-minus 50 days until our Australia + New Zealand adventure. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! I will most assuredly be the most annoying person in the airport on the day we leave. My excitement and energy level is already ridiculous at two months away. ;)

I’m still about 7,000 photos away from being finished with my editing. Nay. I am super excited to not have to look at a computer screen for most of September. :D I’ll be blogging a little less that month, but I promise I’ll have a TON to blog when I return.

Also happening in September, I’m taking my best friend on a surprise birthday trip near the beginning of the month, and I’m finishing up plans for that these next few weeks. YAY! I can’t believe this is the last week of July.

Laundry, 100 degree weather, and mosquitoes. Nay.

Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi, goldfish, and husbands who empty the dishwasher. YAY.

Hope all your yays outweigh your nays. ;) Happy Monday!



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