The Busy Trap

Remember me? I used to blog here frequently. I’ve been kidnapped by the land of Photoshop all summer, and I’m just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I plan to reenter the world of sane people soon! ;)

It’s so incredibly easy to fall victim to the busy trap. I’m determined to learn how to balance my time better because I don’t feel like I’m being the best wife, the best daughter, the best friend, the best human (etc., etc.) I can be when I’m busy. And I hate that. I’m all about organization and planning and getting loads of work done, but I also have that terrible people-pleaser mentality that makes me agree to far more than I should. Thankfully, I’m finally nearing the end of my crazy editing schedule, and I have plans on how to balance everything better in the fall (fingers crossed). If anyone has any great tips for time management, I’m all ears. ;)

The fact that summer is basically over is a little heartbreaking (I feel gypped), but it does mean that some fun fall adventures are coming up quickly! :) It’s hard for me to even remember what all has happened the past couple weeks, but here’s a little photo recap via my iPhone. I love you, iPhone. Thank you for telling me what happened when my fried brain can’t recall any memories.

People frequently ask me when I’m going to start having children, and now I have a new excuse to stall. “I’m afraid my children won’t be as cute as my nephew.”


I am smitten with this happy little face!



I have sad news. I’m really bad at Top Golf, and while hanging out with these people was delightful, I grew very frustrated and despondent at my lack of skill.







Yep. The obsession with Cheesecake Factory remains steady.


We paid Old School Bagel Cafe a visit this past week too. YUM.


We celebrated Mama’s birthday with a feast at Upper Crust last weekend…


…where Dad got the biggest meatball sandwich I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t have a picture of the pizza. It vanished too quickly.


Post-pizza ice cream? Well, only because it’s Mom’s birthday. ;)


Quick brag moment on my husband – he has been so super awesome and helped me out a ton the past several weeks while I’ve been drowning in work. And he and Jackers took the cutest selfies I’ve ever seen in my liiiife.




Bradford, I think you should start a blog called “Henry in Hats” that is full of pictures of Henry looking fly wearing his hats.



Henry discovered selfies, and it was the greatest.



Family parties are my favorite. :)



This dog has had to deal with a little less attention lately as I have been a slave to my computer working all day every day, but he’s been such a champ!


Professional lounger. He was made for me.


Happy Wednesday, loves! :)



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